Oral B Professional Care 600 Toothbrush

Hey hey! Here’s a bit of a different review but I love this toothbrush so much that I couldn't not do a post about it, plus we all should really look after our teeth. I had been looking for an electronic toothbrush for sometime and saw this on Superdrug’s website and it was half price! Plus (and this is the most important reason) it’s pink!

This is the Oral B Professional Care 600 Limited Edition electronic toothbrush. It comes with the toothbrush, a standard head, a charging cradle and a travel box/case. 

The first time I used this toothbrush I was amazed as my teeth felt so clean! I was worried about the brush because I normally use a sensitive toothbrush which has soft bristles, but it was absolutely fine and my gums didn't bleed at all. Plus another cool thing about this toothbrush is that every 30 seconds it pulsates to let you know that you need to move on to another quarter of your mouth, then at the end of the 2 minutes it pulsates again but for longer so you know that your 2 minutes is up. I absolutely love this because you know then that you are brushing your teeth for the right amount of time which before I didn't know.

The brush is comfortable to hold and is a nice size and the pink part is made of a rubber material. My dad has the Oral B Professional Care 5000 which is top of the range but I find that it’s quite big and bulky which makes it quite difficult to hold, where as this one I've bought is the perfect size to grip as it’s quite thin is compared to the 5000.

It comes with a cradle to charge it and also a plastic box for when you are travelling with it. I think the box is a great idea so that when you are travelling anywhere it is protected from breaking or from losing the head.

It was half price at £24.95 when I bought it and I think that’s an absolute bargain! It is still on offer and here is the link >here< so you can go check it out if you want to.

I hope you enjoyed this post as it's a bit different to what we normally write about but who doesn't want nice teeth right?

Until next time



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