Clothes, Beauty & Stationary Haul!


So today we were a little bit naughty (again!) and purchased some bits from town. As we bought quite a few things we are going to separate them in to different sections to make it easier :) I have linked all of the websites where I have put the price so that you can access them easily.

First off we went in to Superdrug and picked up a moisturiser and mascara.

Next we went to Boots and got some foundation and highlighter. Both were from No7 and they had an offer on of buy one get the second half price.

(Swatch below)

Finally from Wilkinsons we bought a metal pencil holder which will be used for holding make up brushes.

Now on to the clothes section and everything we purchased was from our fave shop Primark! I won't be able to link to the website as Primark do not sell their clothes on their website (I wish they did though!)

The final thing we bought was stationary. Now we are those kind of people that get a little bit excited when it comes to stationary and we love stationary shopping before school starts in September.

Going clockwise from the top left

A5 Notebook - £2.50, Weekly Planner £2.75, A4 Notepad - £2.50, A4 Zippa Bag - £0.85, A5 Magnetic Clasp Notebook - £2.50

Unfortunaly the only product I could link was the weekly planner as it's the only one on the website.

So this ends our haul. Hope you enjoyed and like the products we purchased :) we definitely had fun shopping for them!

Ellie & Brooke


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