We both have decided that we would love to expand our blog in any way we can, so......
Ginger And The Blonde now has Twitter and Instagram! We wanted to have a separate twitter and instagram so that you can see what we're up to at all times! You might get sneaky clues of what our next posts will be about, there might be pictures of ourselves and you can know when we're going to post! We think it's a much easier way for you all to keep up with us without us having to write irrelevant posts about it! We have only just set them up so they're not completely finished but they will be done soon, so if you could follow us on Twitter and Instagram too that would be amazing!! We are truly grateful for every single follower!

Twitter - @GingerTheBlonde -

Instagram - gingerandtheblonde -

Thankyou so much if you do decide to follow us! And hopefully they will both be up and running fully very soon!

Ellie And Brooke
x x


  1. Hello beautiful, I just discover you, and would love us to follow us, you think, let me know on my blog.
    I hope, greetings.

  2. I am following you back :)

  3. Hey there, we invite you to come along and visit our blog. See the latest Streetstyle snaps from
    the Berlin Fashion Week. #midnightcouture
    All the best from this lovely city,

    Jana & Vanessa

  4. Congrats! I don't use instagram or twitter but I followed you on bloglovin!


  5. Hı :))) I'm following your blog and waiting you to follow me back :))) bye bye


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