Yankee Candles!

One of my Christmas presents this year was a Yankee Candle holder which also came with six wax tarts - Clean Cotton, November Rain, Pink Sands, Lake Sunset, Beach Wood and Sun & Sand. At the moment I'm burning Clean Cotton and I love it!! It makes my room smell so fresh and clean and unlike most candles, the smell of a Yankee Candle lasts for hours!

This set was bought from Ebay, unfortunately the seller no longer sells this, however this is the closest alternative I found from the same seller - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CREAM-METAL-Shabby-Chic-Oil-Burner-YANKEE-CANDLE-Wax-Tart-butterfly-hearts-/111205884560?pt=UK_Home_Fragrances&var=&hash=item19e4632290  

On my latest trip into town, I decided to buy some more wax tarts to add to my lil collection. Although I spent a little more than I was planning too, I am extremely glad that I did! I was able to get eight of the wax tarts for £10 exactly! (Which I don't think is too bad!)  The tarts were bought from a Beales store and the scents I got were (in order) - Fresh Cut Roses, Fluffy Towels, Pineapple Cilantro, Mandarin Cranberry, Midnight Jasmine, Garden Sweet Pea, Honey Blossom and Loves Me, Loves Me Not. I have no words to describe how good these scents smell, but I cannot wait to burn them!

I also bought this large glass jar a couple weeks ago from Dunelm Mill and had no idea what to use it for! At first it was just for decorative purposes, but after the recent purchases of many Yankee Candle tarts, I decided to use it to store them and I think it looks so cute on my desk! A perfect way to keep your wax tarts somewhere on display! 

This jar can come in small or large (mine is large) and is a perfect way for me to store my wax tarts! -http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/vintage-glass-barrel-jar-201588

I'd love to know of any more good scents to buy in the very near future if you have any to recommend? Thankyou and I hope this helped you in any way!

Brooke x


  1. Love the holder it's so pretty! and the glass jar is such a good idea!
    Yankee candles are my favourite



  2. I absolutely love Yankee candles!!

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    I would love for you to follow back



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  3. Hello darling, I follow x GFC and blogovin, kisses.

  4. These candles are so cute :)
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  5. Amazing! Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN?


  6. Great Post, I love it!
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  7. Great post, the candles look adorable! :) Mandarin Cranberry sounds very tempting, would love to try that one :)

    The Room 31

  8. Thanks so much for visiting me! I just followed you on BLOGLOVIN and would love if you followed back :)

  9. Clean cotton is my absolute fave yankee candle. it's the one I always go back to. I also like vanilla lime, it also smells really fresh and clean. Am following you because of this post :)

    1. Aw thank you :) we love yankee candles so much, they just smell so darn good! x


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