Meadowhall Birthday Haul

Hiya! So on Wednesday it was Brooke's birthday and we went to Meadowhall for some retail therapy. We did put some pictures on Instagram so feel free to head over and follow us :) our Instagram is gingerandtheblonde

I only bought stuff from a couple of shops so here are the bits I picked up.

Once again I wandered in to Primark and came out with a bag full!

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous, silky kimono. I absolutely love it because it can jazz up a really simple outfit plus it is quite flattering too. It cost £13.

Next is this jumper which I love because it combines a necklace with it meaning it's minimal effort but it looks amazing. This cost £14 which I think is brilliant.

We then went over to the jewellery section where I found this gold star earring and necklace set which had been reduced to £1! I have been looking for a simple star necklace for so long and when I saw these and the price I couldn't not buy it.

I then moved on the pyjamas (obviously!) and got these cute pj bottoms. They are super soft and only cost £6.

Finally on to shoes I got some really pretty sandals and wedges which I think are perfect for the summer. The sandals are a coral and tan colour with a cute bow on top, they cost £8. The wedges are a tan colour with cork detailing on the wedge and I believe they cost about £12.

The last shop I picked stuff up from was Lush as I couldn't go in and not buy anything. I bought two bath bombs, one is Sakura which I picked up purely because it looked so pretty, and the second was the Twilight bath bomb because it's one of my favourites.

I hope you liked this little haul and like I said don't forget to go check out our Instagram and twitter, links are in our about us section.



  1. What a fab haul! You got so many lovely things! I love those shoes, the ones with bows on are just so pretty :)
    Carrie xx


    1. Thanks! I love those sandals too and they will be fab in the summer xx

  2. Such a great haul. The kimono must be my favorite thing!


    1. Yeah I think the kimono is my favourite too. It's amazing for Primark! x


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