QOTW - Quote Mondays! #8

Hello my lovelies! Sorry this is late, got loads of coursework to do, but hey it's still Monday so here it is.

Here is today's quote:

I absolutely love this quote as I agree that we should not conform with society, you should be what you want to be! :)

We would also like to know what kinds of posts you want to see from us in the future? If there is anything you want us to do let us know and we will do it :) hope you have had a good Monday!



  1. Lovely quote and so true! :) I'd love to see hauls or reviews. Those are my favorite posts to read!


    1. Yeah it's one of my favourite quotes, plus the picture is pretty :) and thank you for the suggestions, as you can probably tell we love doing hauls so we will try and do more reviews :) x


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