50 Facts About Me!

Hello bloggers! Hope you've had a lovely Valentines Day! Todays post will be 50 Facts About Me, thought I'd let you all know a bit more about me since Ellie's already done hers!
  1. My middle name's Victoria
  2. I will be 16 this year! So excited!!
  3. I have an iPhone 5c
  4. I had braces when I was 13
  5. I'm an Aries
  6. I blue eyes
  7. I love red lipstick!
  8. I went to Disneyland Paris with school last year
  9. I broke both bones in my left arm at the same time when I was 8!
  10. I have a tragus piercing
  11. I would love to be a makeup artist!
  12. My favourite perfume is Midnight by Britney Spears
  13. I learnt how to snowboard on Friday 13th 2012 and nearly broke my arm!
  14. I use to be obsessed with Twilight
  15. I have 3 best friends :-)
  16. I'm right handed
  17. My birthday is on the 16th of April
  18. I'm obsessed with Batman!!
  19. I'm a procrastinator
  20. I would love to make YouTube videos but I'm too shy...
  21. I learnt how to ice skate from 3 years old
  22. I'm a godmother to my cousin
  23. I love a massive variety of music
  24. My favourite colours are red and blue
  25. I met Peter Andre in the airport at Ibiza
  26. I prefer Summer over Winter
  27. But Christmas is my favourite holiday!
  28. I get easily addicted to Sims
  29. I could listen to music all day, I even sleep listening to music!
  30. I'm 5"1 ( I get called a dwarf a lot )
  31. I love Real Techniques makeup brushes, they're my favourite!
  32. Vine is probably my most used app
  33. I'm in my last year at school
  34. I'm always tired!
  35. I love to laugh and joke around, being serious is no fun
  36. My favourite T.V. show has to be Friends!
  37. I'd pick trainers over other shoes any day!
  38. I have a short temper
  39. I can speak with many different accents
  40. My favourite clothes shop has to be Primark!
  41. I always wanted a drum kit and to learn how to play when I was younger
  42. I love baking :-)
  43. I'm an extremely lazy person!
  44. I have a really bad memory, which means I'm incredibly rubbish in exams
  45. I bought my own puppy 2 years ago and named her Bow :-)
  46. I want to move away when I'm older
  47. I love my own company
  48. I want to own my own business in the future
  49. I love long road trips and road trips at night
  50. I'm so bad at thinking of 50 facts, this has literally took me hours!..
Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me!
Brooke x


  1. Wow, im right handed too and yeah procrastinator and i love Friends but my fave is How i met your mother. Also, im jealous of how you can speak with different accent and you are so young :)


  2. Yeah, 50 facts about yourself must have been hard to write down but it's a great idea for self-analyzing. Might think of something similar for my next blog post ;)



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