Nivea Skincare

I've never been one for skincare and found that I much prefer to spend my money on make up or nail varnish. However when sat sorting out my room I realised that I did have quite a good range of skincare products and that they were all Nivea products! My favourite thing about Nivea products is that they are such good quality yet so cheap! All of the titles are linked to the products so you can check them out :)

This is probably my favourite product of the whole lot! It is so moisturising and makes my skin feel absolutely amazing in the morning. I have combination skin which is also very sensitive and I find that this product is perfect for me.

Yet again another amazing product which provides huge amounts of moisture to your lips. As part of my uni course I spent a large portion of the year on placement which means I am exposed to air conditioning which really dries out my skin and lips. I keep this lip balm in my pocket and reapply it loads throughout the day as it really works!

This product prepares the skin for make up very well and keep the skin moisturised throughout the day. It is a light consistency which moisturises the skin just enough for make up application and like all of the other products it smells lovely.

Eye Cream
This was recommended to me by my Mum who has used the product previously. I wanted to start using an eye cream quite early as I want to keep my skin in good condition so I though I's try it and I really like it. Even though it is a heavy cream I don't feel that it is too heavy on my skin but even so I only apply it an night time. I would say that it has made concealer a lot nicer to apply and I find that it doesn't crease as much due to more even skin.

This is my most recent purchase but definitely one of my favourites. It's quite a thin consistency but goes on the face really nicely which means you don't need to use a lot and smells really clean and fresh. I apply it and wash it off with a Liz Earle muslin cloth and it leaves my skin really soft. If it's morning I apply the day cream or if it's night time I used the night cream and eye cream. I find my make up goes on so much nicer if I cleanse in the morning and my dry skin in slowly starting to disappear.

Body Lotion
It smells nice, leaves the skin really soft, soaks in very quickly and is only £2.69...what more can I say!

As you can see I'm pretty obsessed with Nivea products but I find that once you have found a product or brand that really suits your skin it's crazy to try anything else.

Let me know if you like Nivea product!



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