So before on here I have mentioned that I am pretty much a serial procrastinator and I find it extremely difficult to get on with anything, however now that I am nearing the end of my college course things are getting very busy and it seems I may have turned a corner, plus with exam season starting next week I thought it would be useful. But even if you don't have exams there are always some things which we know we need to do but just can't bring ourselves to do them.

So here are the tips which I find useful:

Put down the technology!
When doing work I will start out with really good intentions however within 5 minutes I find myself picking up my phone and spending half an hour scrolling through instagram, or if I'm doing work on my laptop no sooner have I wrote a paragraph of my essay I find myself on YouTube watching random videos! Distractions like this will not get you anywhere so turn your phone off and put it away, the less distraction you have the more likely you are to get on with what you are doing.

Make your to do list small
If your to do list is 10 pages long the likelihood of you actually completing is is 0, you'll get daunted by the aspect of it and probably not do anything. The best thing to do is write a few and then you are more likely to get them done.

Eat before and have a drink next to you
If I had a pound for the amount of times I had sat down to do my work and then thought "I'm a bit hungry" or "I need a drink first" I would definitely be rich! These are other distractions which can cause you to not get on with your work. It sounds really silly but they are so true! Your mind works best when you are full of fuel and plenty of water will also keep you engaged longer and it makes you focus more.

Targets & self reward
I find that if I set my self targets and reward myself at the end then I tend to get it done. So for example if I finish a slide of a presentation or a section of an essay I can then watch a tv programme or catch up on some YouTube. By doing this you are setting a clear target and something to look forward to and work towards. I find this one of the best ways to get work done

Plan your week
I love nothing more than sitting down on a Sunday night and writing a plan for each day of the week. I'll put the things that I really need to do and on which day and I find that crossing them off as I've done them is the most satisfying thing ever!

I hope these few tips help you if you are struggling to get things done! And one final thing...JUST DO IT! The best way to get things done is to just do them even if you really don't want to.

Hope you enjoyed



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