April Favourites

It seems that another month has flown past us so here are our April favourites. As always we have linked everything we can so they you can go and check them out!

The first beauty product that we have been using non stop this month is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes kohl liner in nude. It’s amazing on the water line to brighten up the eyes and at the minute as we are busy at college and school it is definitely needed!

Another beauty product we have loved this month is MAC’s Angel lipstick. It is such a pretty colour and is definitely a “your lips but better” colour, plus it’s so versatile. If you are new to MAC lipsticks then this is a great colour to start with, or even if you just want a new one!

One final beauty product is this Ted Baker Treasured Orchid body spray which Brooke got for her birthday. It smells so good and it perfect for keeping in your bag so you can smell nice all day as it's the perfect scent for day or night.

So our first fashion favourite are these cute little star studs from Primark. I picked them up from Primark when we went shopping for Brooke’s birthday and I haven’t stopped wearing them since. They are quite dainty and they look so cute with anything.

Next favourite are these trainers which Brooke bought from her birthday money. They are the Puma Suede Classics in a gorgeous burgundy colour with a cream stripe. They are so nice and really comfy!

Our first music favourite of this month is the band Bastille and their album Bad Blood. I have liked Bastille for a very long time after one of their songs was on Made in Chelsea and this album in particular is brilliant. My favourite songs are Things We Lost in the Fire, Bad Blood, These Street, Icarus, Flaws and Laura Palmer.

Lady Gaga has also made it on to our favourites this month with her new song G.U.Y. We have both loved Lady Gaga since her first big song Just Dance back in 2008, and this new one does not disappoint at all.

For our favourite film of the month we have Moulin Rouge! It's always been a firm favourite of mine since the first time I watched but I have been watching it quite a lot recently and also listening to the soundtrack.

What have been your favourites this month?

Also today was a momentous day for Ginger & The Blonde as we reached 4000 pageviews, 100 Bloglovin followers and 300 twitter followers! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed us or viewed our blog, it really means a lot. If you don't follow us already then I'll put all our link underneath this. Thank you again!


Ellie & Brooke


  1. Ooo you've got to love a bit of Mac lippy! And I have the Rimmel eye Kohl in nude, it's great isn't in!

    Hannah xxx


    1. Yes everyone needs some MAC lippy in their lives! And the eyeliner haha, it's amazing! I've followed you on bloglovin by the way :) xxx

  2. Congrats on the achievements. I really like those shoes, It's been a while since I've worn Puma I'll have to take a look again.


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