Countdown to Halloween: 6 Favourite Films!

We are now almost half way October which can only mean one thing....Halloween! I love when Autumn comes around because there are loads of holidays which make it so exciting, and the first one is Halloween. Our favourite thing to do, now we don't go trick or treating any more, is to watch films so here are our favourites.

Hocus Pocus
This film is the ultimate Halloween film in our house. I first got the film on VHS when I was three years old and ever since I have absolutely loved it, that much so that I completely wore the VHS out. This film is about 3 witches who are bought back to life on Halloween and their quest to stay alive once the sun comes up. Halloween would not be the same without watching this movie!

The Little Vampire
This is another film which we have loved from being children and still watch it today. The film is about a boy called Tony who befriends a vampire and his family and helps them to break the curse of being a vampire. It is such a lovely and funny film and is perfect for anybody!

Completely wacky but completely amazing all at the same time! Michael Keaton is perfect in this film and it's something we watch every year in our house. A ghost couple want to get rid of the new people living in their house and they employ the help of Beetlejuice. Even now I can't say Beetlejuice 3 times in a row just in case (you will understand what I mean if you have watched it haha!)

Well what can I say about Casper other than what an absolute classic! If you haven't watched this before where have you been! I used to love this film as a kid and my favourite part was where she went on the chair down to the underground lab, I always wanted to have a go myself. It is a lovely family film which everybody will enjoy watching.

The Addams Family
I feel as though most people will have seen and will love this film. I think all of the characters are amazing but my favourites are Wednesday and Morticia (purely because I love Anjelica Huston). Again this is a staple for us at Halloween and it doesn't feel right if we haven't watched it. I also really like the second film, Addams Family Values, so I would recommend you watch that too.

High Spirits
Last but not least is probably by best one (after Hocus Pocus) and that is High Spirits. Most people will not have heard of this film as it is not very popular and is quite hard to get on DVD. The story revolves around a hotel, Castle Plunkett, which is close to being shut down. The rather eccentric owner (Peter O'Toole) decides that they should invent ghosts to entice guests to stay at their hotel, however this only annoys the real ghosts who decide to teach them a lesson. It is a very funny film but it also has a great love story behind it and quite a few famous faces such as Liam Neeson and Daryl Hannah. Go and watch it!

Well if this list sums anything up I suppose it is that the old movies are the best!

What are your favourite Halloween films? Are any in this list?

Ellie & Brooke


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