February Favourites


Well here we are at the end of another month (I'm sure Christmas was only last week right?) so here are our February favourites. As usual where we can we have put links to the products on the titles.


Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator
I got this in a Liz Earle gift set for Christmas and it's AMAZING! I use it every other day and my skin feels so soft after using it, which I love! It also clears up my dry skin brilliantly which is something I struggle with a lot, but since using this my skin feels so much better and softer.

Nanshy Make-up Brushes
I discovered Nanshy from a blog I was reading about affordable makeup brushes ( by Tales of a Pale Face) as I was wanting to try some new ones without paying high-end prices. I was very quick to order from Nanshy after looking through their website and reading some of their reviews and since getting the brushes I haven't been disappointed at all! Nanshy also offered 10% off when you share them on social media which made me like them even more! They also sent a blending brush as a complimentary gift, as well as offering free delivery when you spend over £20 which wasn't difficult! Nanshy were great for delivery and only took 2 days to arrive which I was very impressed with. They're definitely my new favourite beauty brand! I'm also writing a review of the brushes I bought which should be up some time soon!

M.A.C Soft & Gentle Highlighter
I've been wanting this highlighter for months and finally managed to get my hands on it for Christmas as it had been out of stock every time I looked. The highlighter is fab and the colour is so beautiful! I use this highlighter every day and I have fallen in love with it, definitely worth the price as I've used it everyday since Christmas and there isn't even dent in it!

I also got this as it gift for Christmas from a friend after months of wanting it but it being out of stock :(. I LOVE the colour of Soar and I either wear the full colour or dab it a little to tone the colour down a bit to make more subtle, either way is fab! The lip pencil also applies so easy to the lips and lasts so well!


It seems that I am attracted to tartan scarves and it is becoming a bit of a problem and I have loads of them now, but when walking through River Island I saw this scarf and had to buy it! It's super soft and really finishes an outfit off nicely.

Burgundy Brogues
For footwear this month I have been wearing some patent burgundy brogues which looks so good when paired with the tartan scarf. These little beauties are actually from Primark and look way more expensive than what they cost (around £10 ish). They are also very comfy and took no time at all to bed in.

Rose Gold Earrings
I bought these earrings last year but haven't really worn them until recently, since I've been wearing them pretty much everyday as I am in love with them! I love rose gold as I think it's very feminine and such a pretty colour and these earrings are perfect for everyday as well as when you're going out.


Years & Years
Everyone in our family loves this band and up until very recently they were pretty unheard of. We first head one of their songs in River Island and YouTubed them as soon as we got in, and we have loved everything of theirs ever since. Me and my Mum went to see them in Sheffield last October and they were amazing live so we also went to see them last night in Nottingham. If you haven't heard of them give a few of their songs a listen!


Now I think pretty much everyone has Netflix nowadays however, we only recently got our subscription but we have been watching nothing else since. It is so easy to use and allows you to access films and TV series which you may never have watched otherwise.

For both of us Pinterest is something we could spend hours on so it had to be part of our favourites for this month. From pretty quotes to recipes to outfit ideas, you can find so much on Pinterest and you can also get it as an app for your phone or iPad which is the best as you can access it at any time. LOVE IT!

Hope you enjoyed!

What have been your favourites this month?

Ellie & Brooke


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