March Favourites

Hello! We are coming to the end of March so here are my March favourites.

Beauty & Hair
My first favourite of this month is a Barry M jelly nailpolish in the colour grapefruit. This nail polish is one of my all time favourites and I have been wearing it non stop this month. It is the perfect pink colour and looks great against any skin tone plus it applies really opaque on to the nail and is very shiny and glossy when dry. I find that it lasts a really long time on my nails too so it is well worth £3.99.

Another product that I have loved this month is the MUA mosaic blush in English rose. I bought this blush a long time ago and really loved it, gradually I moved on and starting using other blushes but then a few weeks ago I found this in an old makeup bag and started using it again. The thing I love most about this blush is that it doesn’t look flat on the face and instead makes you look really glowy. The different colours within the blush all have different uses, so the dark pink colour make the cheeks look pink, the purple sections add a highlight to the cheek, and the coral sections add a really nice peachy colour to the cheek. All of the sections have a shimmer in them so overall it is a very light and glowy looking blush and it looks great with pale skin tones.

My hair favourite throughout March has been the Lee StaffordPoker Straight heat protection spray. Words cannot describe how good this spray smells plus it does actually work. It gets rid of frizz, protects your hair when straightening, helps to keep hair straight and it leaves your hair smelling great all day. I haven’t really got much to say about this product apart from try it!

My first fashion favourite of this month has to be my watch. I have wanted a Michael Kors watch for so long but just couldn’t warrant spending £200+, so when I saw this one in Next before Christmas I fell in love with it and my mum bought it me as a Christmas present. I have been wearing it non stop since I got it but this month I have been given lots of compliments about it and I've loved wearing it even more this month.

Something pretty simple to have in your wardrobe is some black skinny jeans and I have been looking for so long for the perfect pair, however now I think I have found some. The ones I have are from Dorothy Perkins and they are the Eden Black Jeggings. I like jeggings better than jeans as they are less likely to sag around the knee which I can't stand. These are so amazing, they are really black, don't sag round the knee, looks great on and they also make jeans in short legs which is perfect for me.

Book, TV & Music
Following on from my book favourite from last month, this month’s book favourite is New Moon from the Twilight Saga. I decided to start reading the series again and forgot how much I loved the books. I have just finished reading this one so I’ll now be moving on to Eclipse.

For TV this month I have been addicted to Made in Chelsea. For people that haven’t heard of it, it’s a reality show similar to The Only Way is Essex or Jersey Shore and I have been hooked. I’ve watched this programme since it first came out but I decided to re-watch them all on 4od and so far I have watch up until mid series 2. Like many reality shows I’m sure some of it is scripted or made up but it’s so addictive, so much so that I spend a whole day watching it!

My music favourite this month has been Arctic Monkeys. Since their first song came out in 2005 my whole family has loved them and listened to all of their music. At the minute I am loving their new album AM, as they seem to have adopted a new style which I am loving. My favourites off the album are “Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High”, “Do I Wanna Know”, and “One for the Road”. 

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