July Favourites


I actually can quite believe we are at the end of another month! Here are our favourites from the month of July.


Suede Biker Jacket - £30
I have been loving suede biker jackets for a long time but never saw one I really wanted until this one from Matalan. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it on as I absolutely loved the colour. Its a fern green colour which I find really suits my red hair and pale skin. I will go with so many things and I think its very flattering.

Light Wash Ripped Jeans - £15
I've been loving ripped jeans for a long time now, actually most of the jeans in my wardrobe are ripped, and I spotted these in Primark in Meadowhall when I was on a shopping spree for my birthday. A light wash was one pair of jeans that I didn't have yet, so initially I wanted these because of the colour, but I also love the rip in them as instead of a straight rip they're more of a square. I've also struggled to put items together with blue jeans, as I was an avid lover of black jeans, but with these I've found so many outfits I can wear with them, and as always with Primark - so affordable!!

Black Lace Flats - £6
I've been loving these flats for a couple of months now, and as a person who much prefers trainers I often struggle to find flats that I love and that I know I'll wear, but these caught my eye straight away. Again, from my favourite shop - Primark, these flats are not only super affordable, but I feel that they also finish my outfit well, as well as dressing the outfit up more. I also love that with the lace you can make them as tight or as loose as you'd like.

Anna Saccone Aries Necklace - £64
I got this for my 18th birthday back in April, in my star sign 'Aries' and I pretty much wear this everyday! I love zodiac themed items, and when Anna released this collection I was looking forward to seeing what they would be like, and after a few months of considering it, I decided to get one. I love the simplicity of the necklace itself, in that you can wear it everyday as well as for special occasions, and it goes well with pretty much every outfit! The necklace is of great quality and is well worth the £64.00 that I paid for a gold-plated one.

Rose Gold Digital Watch - £24
This was another piece that I got for my birthday this year from Next, which I've been loving ever since, wearing this almost everyday too! I love that it's digital, with it also including an alarm, a stopwatch and even a small light for checking the time when its dark! This is also easy to wear, as I can wear this everyday, as well as when dressing for more of a special occasion, and easily goes well with most of my outfits.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit
A highlighter has to be one of, if not my favourite makeup product, and after sticking with my trusty favourite - M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft & Gentle' for quite some time, I was incredibly tempted by a whole palette of highlighters from a high quality brand. So after a few weeks of trying to decide whether I actually needed four new full-size highlighters, I decided to make the purchase, and the 15% discount that I got for my birthday from Cult Beauty really helped sway me! I got my palette for around £33, whereas the original price is £39. And I have to say that this palette is not only good value for money - it works out at under £10 for each one, but it is also highly pigmented and great for fair-skinned people like myself! My favourite of them all is 'Crushed Pearl' as it gives the best 'pop' to my cheeks, especially for my skin tone.

Coty Airspun Loose Translucent Powder
I first discovered this powder through multiple videos on YouTube, and after trying several pressed powders in the past and never being fully satisfied by any, I decided to give loose powder a try, and why not this one when I heard so many good reviews about it! I bought mine from Amazon, because this is a little bit more difficult of getting your hands on in the UK, however for only around £10 I was incredibly impressed with the amount of product you get, and I would recommend purchasing it this way, as it was as easy as popping into a local beauty store. After a few months now of using this loose powder everyday, I can very happily say that I've had the most success with this one than any other powder I've tried before. This is the best powder I've used to suit my dry skin, this product doesn't attach to any parts of my face where dry patches are, it doesn't cake up and best of all it stays pretty much all day! I haven't ever found myself looking at my makeup through the day and thinking that I need to touch up or that I'm looking shiny, which is great for me as I rarely ever take my makeup out of the house with me. One small downside of this is that it's quite fragranced, although after a few times of using it, I very quickly got used to the fragrance and now I don't even realise it's there! If this would be a problem however, I'm sure there are the options of having unscented versions.

New Look Nail Varnish in Deep Pink
I've had this nail varnish for a couple of months now, and I love it!! It's by far one of my favourite colours, the deep pink colour of the varnish fits incredibly well with the 90's style, which I love. I find myself wearing this colour most, as it's not only a beautiful colour, which so many people have admired, but it's also is easy to wear, going well with the majority of my outfits. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find this colour again in New Look or on their website since I bought it, I was planning on buying a few and stocking up so I had them to last me quite some time! I'm still on the hunt for a good dupe so that I can replace this one when I run out which probably will be soon as myself, Ellie and our mum love this colour and are constantly using it.


I cannot explain just how much I adore this TV show! I was introduced to the show by an edit on vine and decided to watch the trailer on YouTube. I was really intrigued and decided that I had to check it out. If you haven't heard of it the story follows a WW2 nurse, Claire Randall, who is on holiday in Scotland with her husband. After visiting a place called Craigh Na Dun she is sent back in time and the story follows her adapting to her new surroundings and her attempts to get back home. If you haven't seen the programme click on the title which will take you to the trailer. It is available on Amazon prime and obviously on DVD, and there are now two seasons available so perfect for a good binge watch!

This is one TV show where I honestly can't wait till the next week for each new episode! I always end up watching this at night though and regret it when it becomes jumpy and where there's a lot of suspense, which is every episode. I watched the first series earlier this year, when all the episodes were already available on Netflix, so now that the second series is currently being released, it's killing me waiting every week for the next episode! I love the story line of the show, and it's one where you can never really guess what will happen, as it always ends up going somewhere unexpected. It's also definitely a show which keeps you engaged and interested, which is always great!

What have been your favourites this month?

Ellie and Brooke
x x x


  1. I live in ripped jeans too but my favourite pair is from Topshop! Ahh so jealous you have a ABH Glow Kit - I need one in my life! :)
    - www.roisinslatest.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I highly recommend the highlighter palette! The pigmentation and payoff is amazing, I find myself constantly looking in any mirror I pass to catch a glimpse of my highlight lol! X


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