We went to Harry Potter Studios!

So if you follow us on instagram then you may have seen that a couple of weeks ago we went to Harry Potter studios in Watford. We had the tickets bought for us for our birthdays (April and July) so we have been waiting a very long time for it to come around, and we were not disappointed! Now Brooke has already been before therefore she knew what to expect, however it was my first time and I was so excited!

As we went on the 24th of October they were halfway through their Halloween celebrations called "Dark Arts". Now this meant that there were death eaters everywhere! We managed to get a picture with one and I can safely say she was one scary woman!

I took over 200 pictures in total so I will only put a few on here as 200 may slightly bore you to death. I took the pictures on my phone and unfortunately the quality once put on the computer is not 100% which is such a shame as they look amazing on my phone. Either way I decided to put them on anyway.

We also bought loads of bits from the gift shop, which I must say is an absolutely amazing shop. Brooke ended up buying a chocolate wand, some chocolate flies, a chocolate frog and a deathly hallows keyring. I bought a chocolate frog, a deathly hallows keyring, a programme and Hermione Grainger's wand! Now I will say now that the gift shop is pretty expensive and things add up pretty easily, however it is not somewhere you will go everyday or maybe you might not go ever again so it is definitely worth indulging and getting what you want. That way you won't regret not getting something. Most of the stuff is available on the website so if you did get home and want something then you could, however similarly there was a lot of stuff which is not available on the website. So my advise is if you want it, just get it!

They also had the books in the shop which I spent ages lusting after but decided not to pick up due to their price. They have 3 different sets; one with the normal covers, one with a very pretty illustrated cover, and the other with a graphic colour block cover. You also had the option to buy the books separately or together in a collection. I wish I'd have got the books with the pretty covers as all of the spines had gold holographic stars on, however I didn't get them but I am planning on doing so next time!

We have decided that we would like to go again next year but around Christmas time. They decorate the whole place near Christmas so that there are trees everywhere and snow too!

Thanks for reading!

Ellie & Brooke


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