Nanshy Makeup Brushes Review

I discovered Nanshy from a blog I was reading about affordable makeup brushes ( by Tales of a Pale Face) as I was wanting to try some new ones without paying high-end prices. I was very quick to order from Nanshy after looking through their website and reading some of their reviews, I've now had a few months to try out the brushes properly and I can safely say  I haven't been disappointed at all!  Nanshy also offered 10% off when you share them on social media which made me like them even more! They also sent a blending brush as a complimentary gift, as well as offering free delivery when you spend over £20 which wasn't difficult! Nanshy were great for delivery and only took 2 days to arrive which I was very impressed with!!

Face Brushes:

Flawless Foundation (F01), Angled Airbrush (FA01) & Buffed Base (R01)
Love love love all 3 of these brushes for my foundation! They all create a fab, polished base and since using all of these brushes my foundations looks much better on my skin. My foundation has also become much more easier to apple since using these brushes, they also leave no streaks even after numerous time of using them. I also love the feel, size and weight of these brushes, this also makes them much easier for me to use. The angled airbrush has a great shape, making it really easy to apply foundation, especially under the eyes! I love using the buffed base brush on days when I want my foundation to feel light but still giving me a good coverage, making it great on days when I'm at college.

Conceal Perfector (P01)
I LOVE this brush for blending in my concealer, it's fab! Using this makes my concealer blend so much better, it also covers any spots/blemishes better too! The conceal perfector brush makes it a lot easier to blend in my concealer than when I just used my ring finger, it's also less messy by using the brush! The shape of the brush is perfect for under the eyes and around the nose, making sure that concealer gets into and covers these areas. I love the feel, size and weight of this brush as well as the others as it makes it more comfortable for me to use. This brush has also left no streaks after the numerous times I've used it. 

Eye Brushes:

Large Shader - I find this brush great for packing on my base colour all over my lid. The bristles of the brush are short making it dense and perfect for applying a lot of colour to the lid.

Blending Brushes - Both of the blending brushes are great for blending shadow on the lid and both of the brushes blend shadow just as good as my Mac 217 brush. The bristles of the brush are long making it much easier to blend as the brush can move easier and isn't as firm which would make it quite difficult to move across the lid. One of the blending brushes was a complimentary gift, making me love Nanshy even more!

Eye Crease - I love this brush for adding colour to my crease as it fits perfectly in the crease of my eyelid making it great when applying a transition colour or defining this part of the eyelid. This brush is also good for applying a lot of colour to the crease which is great if you're want to define and draw attention to this area of the eyelid.

Tapered Crease - This brush is also great for adding colour to the crease of the eyelid to define this area, however I particularly like this one for adding colour to the very outer corner of my eyelid. I find that the size and shape of the brush makes it very easy to add to this area of the eyelid specifically without it applying colour to another area on the lid or becoming messy.

Blush & Bronze (A01), Flat Definer, Angled Detailer & Precise Bent Eyeliner
I have yet to try these brushes properly but I expect that they'll be just as good as the others and that I won't be disappointed with these brushes either! The blush & bronze brush has a great shape to fit into the hollows of the cheekbones, making it great for contouring. Like the others this brush's feel, size and weight is great for me as it's very comfortable for me to use. The precise bent eyeliner brush also has a great shape so I expect that it will be very easy to use when applying eyeliner!

I would definitely recommend Nanshy to anyone and everyone as they're fantastic quality brushes for a fraction of the price compared to high end brushes. They've definitely become my favourite brushes to use and I use them everyday, especially the foundation brushes and the conceal perfector, I even choose to use these now over my Real Technique ones! I cannot complain about anything, Nanshy were fantastic with delivery and very easy to order from and have provided me with top quality brushes!

Hope you have found this helpful as I would certainly recommend to try Nanshy brushes!
Are there any other affordable make-up brushes worth trying that you could recommend?
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