Tag: A Few of Our Favourite Things

Hello!!! It seems so long since I was last sat at my laptop writing a blog post, however I now have a weekend to myself and we have been tagged to do this, so I thought why not! Thank you to Molly and Stacie who tagged us! :)

Ellie: Mascara, iPod & my black chelsea boots
Brooke: iPod, water speakers & anything shabby chic!

Ellie: Chocolate (any kind!), strawberries & salt and vinegar twirls
Brooke: Chocolate! - especially white maltesers, chicken & anything southern fried!

Ellie: London, Ibiza & Paris
Brooke: Bakewell, Meadowhall & Disneyland

Things you'd miss:
Ellie: Family, my kindle & my doggy
Brooke: Family, Bow - my doggy & YouTube

Things you do when you are bored:
Ellie: Read, watch YouTube & play Sims
Brooke: Listen to music, watch YouTube & watch films

Things you enjoy when it's sunny:
Ellie: The smell of suncream, BBQ's & going to the park
Brooke: The smell of suncream too, sunbathing & outside pools

Ellie: Ever After, The Phantom of the Opera & The Sound of Music (Christmas: The Grinch, Muppets Christmas Carol & Miracle on 34th Street)
Brooke: Dirty Dancing, Grease & The Batman Trilogy (Christmas: The Grinch, Elf & Muppets Christmas Carol)

Ellie: Desire by Years & Years, I Want the One I Can't Have by The Smiths, & How To Be a Heartbreaker by Marina & The Diamonds (Christmas: Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens, Last Christmas by Wham, & All I Want for Christmas by Maria Carey)
Brooke: Angels by The xx, What's My Age Again? by Blink-182 & Old Yellow Bricks by Arctic Monkeys

Ellie: Soap & Glory, Jack Wills & Primark
Brooke: PRIMARK!!!, M.A.C. & Real Techniques

Outdoor things you like:
Ellie: Going to the seaside, having BBQ's and lying on the grass
Brooke: BBQ's, theme parks & bike rides

Ellie: Christmas, Christmas &.....CHRISTMAS!
Brooke: Christmas, Halloween & New Years.

Ellie: Hercules, Sleeping Beauty & Family Guy
Brooke: 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan & Hercules

Ellie: Kedleston Hall, Bolsover Castle & The Paris Opera House
Brooke: Bolsover Castle, Hardwick Hall & Kedleston Hall

Anything in everyday life:
Ellie: Coming home to my doggy, having lie ins & chilling in the bath with candles on
Brooke: Listening to music, spending time with my doggy & baking

Traits in a person:
Ellie: Honesty, a sense of humour & compassionate
Brooke: Sense of humour, loyalty & polite

Ellie: My mum
Brooke: My mum definitely!

Ellie: Tea, maltesers hot chocolate & cherry coke
Brooke: Pepsi, Innocent juice & Costa's berry cooler

Ellie: Watching Phantom in London, moving away to university & going to Disneyland
Brooke: Going to Disneyland, holding and having a picture with an anaconda & going to other countries with school and friends

Things to watch:
Ellie: Gossip Girl, Outlander & Gogglebox
Brooke: Friends!!!, 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown & Bad Education

Ellie: Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter & Rosie Bea
Brooke: Zoella, Gabriella & Made Yew Look

We tag:
Melissa from Melissa Bubbles

Hope you enjoyed!

Ellie & Brooke


  1. Great answers! We always used to eat strawberries with sugar but I've never tried them with salt!


    1. Sorry I think the way I've wrote it may be confusing haha :) they are two separate foods, so strawberries and then salt and vinegar twirls x

  2. great post, very cute facts :)
    great blog girl, very inspiring. check out my blog too.
    maybe we can inspire eachother? :)



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