8 days later...


First of all huge apologies for not posting a blog post in 8 days. I am such a bad blogger and I am so sorry!

The reason for me not posting is that I recently packed up and moved to university where I am currently enjoying my first week, aka freshers week! I have spent all of my time going to lectures, society fairs, making new friends and of course enjoying a good night out, which has left me with very little time to even think about what blog posts I would like to write. Therefore if anyone has any suggestions of things they would like to see then I would be so grateful if you would leave a comment telling us :) Don't worry though, once I've settled in to the routine of uni life then I will be back writing plenty of blog posts for you all.

Also a quick reminder that we are on twitter (@gingertheblonde) and instagram (gingerandtheblonde) so please feel free to come and visit our pages and even follow us (we will love you forever if you do) by clicking on the links above.

Love to you all and good luck to any freshers which may be reading this.



  1. Congrats on starting college! It's such a fun time and frosh is a must do!!

    Would love if you check out my blog. Just followed you on twitter and instagram!
    Raincouver Beauty

  2. nice post:)! please visit me in free time:) http://mesmerize87.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey Ellie, I hope your settling into University life ok. Freshers week is such a fun packed week :) I've nominated you both for the Liebster Award check out the details here> http://www.rachforthestars.com/liebster-award-nomination/ it's just a bit of fun. Send me a link if you decide to do it x


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