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Hello everybody. So yesterday, to celebrate Fathers Day, we went to Meadowhall shopping and of course we ended up leaving Lush with a bag full of goodies! As we haven't used them yet I've just wrote about what is in them and how much they cost, but all of them smell amazing!

This is a Wizard of Oz inspired bubble bar which is a great vibrant blue colour with a rainbow on. It is ylang ylang and orange flower and cost £3.25

Blackberry Bath Bomb
This is a bath bomb with bergamot and frankincense oil and cost £3.10

Pop In The Bath
This is a bubble bar with bergamont, lemon, mandarin oil and orange flower and costs £2.95

A bath bomb with lemongrass, bergamont, avocado and olive oil and cost £3.25

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
A bubble bar with rose oil, rose absolute and shea butter and cost £3.50

This is a repurchase because it is my favourite bath bomb as it's great to use when relaxation is needed. It is lavender and tonka and it has a bright blue centre which contains glitter. It cost £3.25 and is definitely worth a try.

What is your favourite Lush product? 
Have you tried any of these and what do you think?

If you want reviews of any of them then please leave a comment and we will do some reviews :)



  1. I love lush products!!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    1. Same here! I'll pop over and check it out now :) x


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