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So I have recently come to realise that Blogger does not notify you when I have replied to your comments (which is very annoying!) I have consulted google and found that the only way you can receive notification is by me emailing you all. However when I click to reply to your lovely comment it comes up with the dreaded no reply comment email address.

I have found out that there is a way that enables me to be able to reply to you all by just changing a few settings in you Blogger profile.

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If you tick the box (as shown in the picture above) then this will enable me to email you back. If you do not wish to tick the box then not to worry I will reply within the comments however you will have to come back to view my reply.

It's such a shame that Blogger does not already have a system in place in which you get notified. I hope at least this way that I will be able to reply to you and know that you have received it.

I have also created an email address so that you can contact us.

I hope this post has helped and I can't wait to start replying to you all properly.



  1. I know, this is annoying. Blogger needs to come with something better.
    Anyway, I always go to the blog from the person who commented and leave a comment there (they get notified by e-mail). That's the only way!

    I followed you here and on bloglovin'. Hope you follow back (I can't see you on my followers list yet)!




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